Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elmo's top 10 O, Wow! Moments

#10 O, Wow! Moment:
I'm the 6th of 8 children, so you can imagine how much fun it was growing up. Now that I live alone, I miss those rowdy mornings we used to have at home with the whole family. Just last Holy Week, my mom surprised me by coming to my flat extra early, while I was still asleep to prepare my favorite breakfast. I woke up to the smell of the yummiest pancakes cooking in the kitchen. It was great starting out that day with an O, Wow! moment.

#9 O, Wow! Moment:
I was going through the mail and expecting to get all my bills - then suddenly, I saw an envelope from the college I was hoping to get into. It was an acceptance letter! That was an O, Wow! moment that will be with me till I grow old for sure!

#8 O, Wow! Moment:
When I was a kid, we would spend summers in Punta Fuego. I'll never forget this one particular trip - I was taking a long walk by the beach all by myself. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw this tiny blue starfish sticking out from the sand. It was the first time I saw a starfish so I got really excited and took it home to show my siblings. It's an O, Wow! moment that I will always treasure.

#7 O, Wow! Moment:
In highschool, we would practice climbing on a wall in school. It was a sport I really enjoyed. One day, my teacher decided to take us on a field trip to Montalban where we were made to climb an actual mountain! Reaching the peak and seeing the great view below me was such an O Wow moment!

#6 O, Wow! Moment:
I love birthdays and I love surprises. On my 16th birthday, I got both! I was having lunch at Eastwood Mall with my family. After lunch, they convinced me to go to the bowling alley. When I got there, all my friends were waiting for me with balloons and gifts. It was so much fun and not only an O, Wow moment but an O, Wow birthday as well!

#5 O, Wow! Moment:
I'm always on Twitter! It's a way for me to stay connected to my friends and my fans. I'll never forget the very first time I trended, it was sometime in August 2011 - what an O, Wow moment! I was guesting on Eat Bulaga and performing the song "Teach me how to dougie." After that, my name was trending WORLDWIDE!

#4 O, Wow! Moment:
One hobby of mine is photography. I got into it because my dad was a really good photographer. I'll never forget one particular New Year celebration, he was teaching me how to take photos with low light. He made me write my name with sparklers and then took a shot of it. It's one of my favorite photos taken by my dad and another unforgettable O, Wow! moment for me.

#3 O, Wow! Moment:
Last week, I experienced an O, Wow moment from one of my fans. She presented me with a "message in a bottle" - it was a bottle filled with different colored post - its all joined together and on the notes, she wrote a very sweet message saying how my music inspires her so much. It's the best gift I've ever received from my fans and it encourages me to do my best in every performance that I do.

#2 O, Wow! Moment:
Music has always been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. My dad is my biggest musical inspiration. Every performance I have is dedicated to him. There was one particular performance that was truly an O, Wow! moment for me, and probably one of the best performances I've ever done. I was on Party Pilipinas and I was asked to sing my dad's popular song - "Mga Kababayan Ko." There was a huge screen behind me and Direk Mark Reyes made it seem like my dad and I were performing at the same time. It made me feel very proud.

#1 O, Wow! Moment:
And of course, my last and definitely not the least O Wow moment is becoming an endorser for the Oishi O, Wow campaign! To actually represent a brand that I have grown up with is truly an honor!

Courtesy of Oishi.

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