Monday, April 23, 2012

Party Pilipinas FTW

Fantastic! Terrific! Wonderful!

Elmo Magalona celebrated his 18th birthday last April 22, 2012 at Party Pilipinas. So, our admins made it sure to be there for him on his special day! And, we did it! Thanks to Ms. Pia and to tita Carms ;)

Here are Elmo's prods for that day:

#YOLO That's the Motto ;)
Elmo's special prod ♥

Together Forever
Elmo Magalona with Steven Silva

I Only Wanna Give It To You
Elmo Magalona with Julie Anne

Dance Combi (Skaterboy)
Elmo Magalona with Julie Anne

JuliElmo Spiel

PLUS! Here's Elmo in Showbiz Central's Don't Lie To Me segment with Sweet :)

#SEALEDELMONATICS represent. Really an O, Wow! day to treasure ♥ 

(credits to the video owner/s.)

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