Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Comeback

Is it too late to say Hello to November?

Hi guys! Since the start of the academic year 2012-2013, I haven't been updating our blog (even my personal blog) because I stay in an apartment in Manila and I have no internet connection nor a laptop to work with there. To catch up, we'll look for a way to get back to our old track and update you as much as we can. Thanks for understanding!

To start, well yesterday, 13th November, I, with Sarah and Cian, heard good plans from GMA7. We just can't shout everything out but I promise, we'll all get excited for them. For now, we just have to keep on supporting their artists especially Elmo, of course! Kasi, MAS ACTIVE MORE FUN! Haha.

If you have concerns to tell us, don't hesitate to do so, okay? We don't bite. >:D<
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Your secretary, (chos!),
Zeph xx


  1. Welcome back! HAHA! Yayy! Excited na ako!! :))

    1. I'm kilig! Thanks, Diana! For the support and for being active. <3