Friday, June 21, 2013

19th Birthday Celebration

April 28, 2013 
Elmo Magalona turned 19 the previous day, April 27. This day, fans went all out in supporting him for his birthday prod in Party Pilipinas: In the Navy. Yes, fans went out under the sun to cheer for him while he performs such a heart warming song "If you could see me now" by The Script and a surprising number wherein he seemed to be singing  "Kaleidoscope World" with his dad. 

After Party Pilipinas, we had a small birthday celebration for Elmo held at Peach Blossoms Restaurant. We are extremely happy with this, being Elmo's first party with his fans. So, thank you so much Elmo! :)

SuperElmo giveaways
Ze birthday boy arrives!

When he arrived, he said thanks to everyone who watched him live for Party Pilipinas and also for being there at the party. He also mentioned that he's happy having this party with his fans because every year, his family and friends surprises him on his birthday and was touched that aside from them (family and friends), other people also gives time to celebrate his birthday. :">

Elmo's conference, guys? :))
Our birthday boy to start the game of Pinoy Henyo by guessing "Aaron Alejandrino"

which he failed.. Here's his "Badtrip!" face

Of course, guests played too!

Dinner -slash- picture-picture
Tables 1 and 2
Admins + Elmo + Ate Georgette (hehe)
Table 3
Table 4

Here's Elmo receiving gifts and also giving away his own souvenirs, Folded & Hung slippers (and signing them)

Some of the "i-Elmo Magalona Mo Ako" kisses that he gave

Definitely a day worth remembering. Thanks, everyone! Thank you too, Tita Pia and Elmo! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Photos are from SealedElmonatics + KC (@kaselyyyn)
PartyPilipinas video not owned, credits to the owner
PinoyHenyo ni Elmo Magalona video by Joana Lim (@wannalim)

More photos here:
SealedElmonatics + KC

P.S. Sorry for a long overdue post. Hihi.

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